A Kiwanis Club's members really do need to say connected with one another.

A traditional Kiwanis Club would meet each week, often over a meal, to hear a speaker, conduct come business, and chat with other member.

Greater Wausau is not a traditional club, although we're not going to give up on food, fellowship and fun! It's always good to know what to expect!


Big Deal Meetings

We have two different Big Deal Meetings in any given year. Both are formal and may, or may not, include a "fancy meal." All members are encouraged to join in at these meetings.

  • In May we have our Annual Meeting. This meeting is our most formal Business Meeting. The business conducted at this meeting is the business that the entire membership must have it's say: the election of the board of directors and modifications to the bylaws (if necessary).
    Officers and directors are chosen at this time so they can take advantage of workshops and other training geared for the role they will be taking up.
    For this meeting to be successful, a majority of the club members must attend.
  • In September we hold our Celebration Meeting, This is our most formal meeting. The evening's program will include:
    • a celebration of our accomplishments,
    • recognition of  the contribution of the team members over the past year,
    • acknowledgment of the those retiring from our Board of Directors,
    • installation of our new Board Members, and last, but certainly not least,
    • installation of our newest club members.
    In fact, this meeting is so important that we will invite our Lt. Governor to officiate over this ceremony. This meeting will be as fancy as we can make it! Guests are definitely welcome!

Business & Member Meetings

We will have two types of meetings, business-focused and member-focused.

  • Business meetings are focused on conducting the business of the club. Officers, directors and committee chairs are expected to attend, other members are welcome to attend. This is where issues are discussed and day-to-day decisions are made. Agendas will be available prior to the meeting and minutes will be available after the meeting. It's expected that business meeting occur once a month. The Annual Meeting is the most formal of these types of meetings.
  • Member meetings will take many forms over the course of the year, but usually they will be an event of some sort or another (speaker, service project, fundraiser, etc.) which is focused on the club's relationship to its members and its greater community. Whatever their form, they will be planned ahead and all members will be invited. They will be open to the public as well. The Celebration Meeting is the most formal of these types of meetings. 

Meeting Expectations

Meeting Attendance

We all have other work to do. There will be conflicts. We will let you know what's happening at our next meeting, you let us know whether or not you can be there.

Of course, the more often you join us, the better you will get to know us and the better your experience will be.

Meeting "Location"

We are a "hybrid" club. Our meetings will be a combination of in-person and virtual, sometimes one, sometimes the other, often both!  Since we have members who live and work both inside and outside the Greater Wausau area, there will almost always be an open virtual meeting room connection for our more distant members--or the ones stuck at work--to use!