Whether our projects are focused on raising funds or doing service, they are definitely at the core of our club. The Kiwanis defining statement is:

Kiwanis is a Global Organization of Volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.

There is much to do.

With more members, there is much we can do!

Refocusing our Service Goals

We will get better answers for this question as we go along!

Generally, Kiwanis Clubs look into their community, find something they can work on improving, roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Sometimes the project is larger than the Kiwanis Club can do by itself. Then we partner with other groups in our community.

Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District Service Opportunities

The Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District has two district-wide service projects going on right now:

  • The first one is the District's Signature Project, The WI-UM Kiwanis Autism Project, is a project that matches underserved children with autism with an IPAD configured for specifically for that child's need. Kiwanis Clubs are encouraged to participate by funding an IPAD for a child in their community.
  • The second project is the 2020-1 Governor's Project, Kiwanis 'n Cops 'n Kids, is a project that partners with the local police department with the goal of putting books into the hands of underserved children. Kiwanis Clubs are encouraged to provide books for this project.

Greater Wausau Kiwanis will be looking at both of these service projects. We will also be looking into the Wausau area to see where we might best fit in.