As a member, your financial commitment to our club is vital to the success of our club.

Here is what you need to know before you join!


Our Club is a Corporation!

We are incorporated in the state of Wisconsin.

We are also working on being recognized as a 501c4 by the Internal Revenue Service. 

Between these two statements are a plethora of concepts:

  • We will have two "buckets" of money: monies raised from the public and monies raised from Kiwanians
  • The Club may not use funds raised from the public to pay our administrative expenses, with the exception of our insurance policy. These monies are dedicated to the service project we were working on.
  • The Club may use funds raised from the public to pay the expenses of the project that is raising the money. Of course, it's expected that the project will return a profit that will be donated to or used on the specified service.
  • The Club must pay membership dues to both the District we belong to AND the International organization. These dues are paid from monies raised from Kiwanians. These due are used to  provide us with services that increase our effectiveness--if we take advantage of them!
  • The Club must pay the same types of fees that individuals pay, depending on whether or not we have these services: banking fees, post office box fees, meeting platform fees, etc. Each one is a small amount of money and together they add up. 

The bottom line is that administrative money must come from the membership.

What are the Club Dues Bottom Line?

This is the $130 question, isn't it? 

Before you join the club, payment options will be covered!

Raising Funds for Service

These types of projects must have some amount of "working capital" to get started, thus, enough money must remain in the service account to start the next project. The rest of it must be spent on service!